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21 21  * The Breadcrumb is now also displayed for the home page
22 22  * The Breadcrumb now also displays the home page (instead of hiding it as it used to) if it is part of the current document's hierarchy. See [[XWIKI-12423>>]] for more details.
23 23  * The actions menus (edit, create, more actions) are now available from the rename, copy and delete actions.
24 +* The create, copy and rename page actions have been modified to support nested documents:
25 +** The source and target documents are displayed using the breadcrumb
26 +** The target document can be selected using a document tree picker
27 +** For advanced users there is also the option to specify the target document using some text input fields (location advanced edit mode). This is useful especially if you want to create/move the page under a parent that doesn't exist yet (you cannot use the tree picker in this case because the parent would not be available in the tree).
24 24  * The delete action proposes to delete the children of the document.
25 25  
26 26  {{gallery}}

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