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62 62  ** ##hibernate.cfg.xml##
63 63  * Add in ##xwiki.cfg## so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to any new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
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65 -== Issues specific to XWiki <version> ==
65 +== Issues specific to XWiki 12.0RC1 ==
66 66  
67 -<issues specific to the project>
67 +=== Velocity 2.2 upgrade ===
68 68  
69 +While Velocity upgrade bring a lot of nice new improvements it also comes with unavoidable behavior changes that might be a breackage for your scripts or break some extensions:
70 +
71 +* The Velocity Java API changed quite a lot, if you use advanced features directly in Java there is a big chance that you need to update your code. You can find more details on
72 +* Most names of Velocity configuration properties have changed ; old names are still functional but will emit a deprecation warning in the log. See the [[Configuration Changes in Velocity 2.1>>]] page.
73 +* We tried to reduce as much as possible the breaking changes in the language using some retro compatibility flags provided by Velocity and some hacks on XWiki side but there is still things for which you might want to be carefull:
74 +** Deprecations: A lot of APIs are now deprecated, they should work fine but will produce a warning in the log (unless you disabled that using the new property ##logging.deprecated.enabled## in
75 +*** $listtool was already deprecatedd since Velocity 1.6 which added support for allows all List methods to be called on arrays
76 +*** $sorttool replaced by $collectiontool
77 +*** $velocityCount and $velocityHasNext where already deprecated in Velocity 1.7 without producing any deprecation warning, they now do
78 +** Breackages:
79 +*** No more Velocity macro semi-local context: in Velocity 1.7 variable set inside a macro were set both in the global context and in a special macro local context. In Velocity 2.x this local context does not exist anymore. In pratice in means that if, in your macro, you #set a variable and execute another Velocity template which set the same variable your macro will be affected while it used to be "protected" by the previous explicit #set. It's now (since Velocity 1.7 actually) recommended to use the $macro map to manipulate local variable (as in {{code}}#set($macro.myLocalVar = "value"){{/code}}).
80 +** Known bugs:
81 +*** Macro parameters names mess with expression passed to the macro: see Should be fixed in 12.0 final.
82 +
69 69  == API Breakages ==
70 70  
71 71  The following APIs were modified since <project> <version - 1>:

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