XWiki 12.8

Leftovers from previous version (12.7):

  • Finish Page Likes - Simon* Improve the UI for displaying likers info and liked pages with LiveTable

    • Refactoring of ratings so that all feature of Like are native Ratings feature
    • Refactor Content menu to add UIXP for viewers and move "View Like" entry there
    • Migration between stores
  • Finish local Extension Index (needed for FASTEN) - Thomas
  • Finish recycle bin skipping) - Manuel
  • Finish "don't display wysiwyg in comment form" - Manuel
  • Finish leftovers for mentions (https://jira.xwiki.org/issues/?jql=component%20%3D%20Mentions%20%20and%20resolution%20%3D%20Unresolved%20) - Manuel
  • Continue LiveData work - ClementD + Marius
    • Merge front and back!
    • add more displayers and filters
    • data export ?

New work:

  • Potential LaTeX work to do live conversion from LaTeX to PDF during the export. -Vincent
  • Struts 1.x to 2.x migration - Thomas


  • 12.8RC1: 21st of September 2020 22nd of September 2020
  • 12.8Final: 28th of September 2020 accept

XWiki 12.7

Leftovers from previous version (12.6):

  • Finish Page Likes - Simon
    • Like Button + User Profile UI + Page Index LT with Likes + Notifications (scope limited to Page Likes for now, no comment Likes)
  • Local Extension Index - Thomas
  • Recycle bin skipping - Manuel
  • Finish leftovers for mentions - Manuel
  • Improve in-place editing - Marius
  • Automatic generation of PDF for the LaTeX exporter - Vincent?


  • Continue LiveData work - ClementD + Marius
    • Editing/modifying the live data (adding and updating entries, adding and updating properties, batch actions)

Pushed to later (too complex):


  • 12.7RC1: 24th of August 2020 accept
  • 12.7Final: 31st of August 2020 accept

XWiki 12.6


Branch for recommended version. We need to finish:
- Scalable Notifications
- Mentions
- InPlace WYSIWYG Editing (several issues raised: live rendering of macros, issues with rendered macro not displaying anything and make it hard to edit them, see https://forum.xwiki.org/t/xwiki-12-4-id-macro-shows-blank/7007/3, etc)


Best effort (after all the rest has been done):


  • 12.6RC1: 20th of July 2020 Skipping since we're too late
  • 12.6Final: 27th of July 2020 31st of July 2020 accept

XWiki 12.5

  • "Toggle show/hide all context nodes" for visual diff - Marius
  • Continue Mentions - Manuel/Simon
  • Finish notifications refactoring for improved performance (usage of nosql-based store) and verify that the perfs are very good - Thomas
  • Start implementing the new LT - Clement/Marius
    • static implementation of the new Livetable:
      • fetching data from data sources
      • multi-filtering
      • multi-sorting
      • pagination system
      • persistent configuration through url hash
  • Start design for Page Likes and record the results on design.xwiki.org - Simon
  • Finish work on atomic rename operation - Simon
  • Improve scalability of Async rendering framework: - Thomas/Simon
    • pool size of GroupedJob
    • exposing group id and pool size on async renderer side
    • option to force async behavior for cached results
    • allow choosing the priority of a job


  • 12.5RC1: 22nd of June 2020 24th of June 2020 accept
  • 12.5: 29th of June 2020 accept

XWiki 12.4

  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • The cursor should have the same position in both wysiwyg and source - Marius
  • Postpone Object Creation/Deletion Until Document Is Saved - Simon
  • Finish notifications refactoring for improved performance (nosql-based store) and verify that the perfs are very good - Thomas
    • Notifications scalability (to 1000000 users and 100000000 docs and 1000TB)
  • Prepare the new LT architecture (realtime editable LT) - Marius
  • Start work on the realtime editable LT - Clement D + Marius
  • Start work on mentions (investigation/gathering requirements + design + create jiras + start implementing some jiras) - Manuel
  • Finish work on atomic rename operation - Simon
  • Add support for extension without a file (i.e. dependencies of type "pom") (for FASTEN) - Thomas


  • 12.4RC1: 18th of May 2020 accept
  • 12.4Final: 25th26th of May 2020 accept

XWiki 12.3

  • Marius: Finish integration of inline editing for WYWIWYG and make it available
  • Marius: Takeover RtWysiwyg contrib extension, clean it up, make sure it works with the latest version of CKEditor integration, and integrate as much as we can (i.e. the real-time edit infrastructure) in commons/platform. Use the result for adding real-time to the in-place WYSIWYG edit mode.
  • Thomas: New Solr-based notification storage
  • Simon + Manuel: Finish ActivityPub integration: work on UC3 (follow an entire wiki and display content from another wiki), validate interaction with another AP service (mastodon or nextcloud), better integrate AP in xwiki in terms of UI/UX.


  • 12.3RC1: 20th of April 2020 22nd of April 2020
  • 12.3Final: 27th of April 2020 29th of April 2020

XWiki 12.2

  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • Notification re-architecture for scalability/performance. New nosql storage oriented API and (most probably Solr based) default implementation for events and user notifications - Thomas
  • Activity Pub - Part 2 of 3 (targeting for 3 releases = 3 months) - Simon  + Manuel
  • Continue work for inline editing/Realtime - Marius
    • Now that we have a first design page, discuss and agree about the work to do. Create various JIRAs for it.
    • If there's agreement and if time permit, start implementing some of the JIRAs. Possible options FTM:
      • inline editing for WYSIWYG edit mode
      • inline editing for Inline form edit mode
  • FASTEN-related work: the XWiki Extension dependencies resolution needs be as close as possible to the standard Maven dependencies resolution and an important miss right now is the <excludes> support. Add support for it. - Thomas
  • New User API - Vincent (wasn't planned originally)


  • 12.2RC1: 23rd of March 2020 (adding one more week because we can but we need to be careful to not delay the release) Skipped since we were not able to release on time emoticon_unhappy
  • 12.2Final: 30th of March 2020 26th of March 2020

XWiki 12.1

  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • Investigate and make a proposal for in-line editing (with Realtime taken into account) - Marius
    • Goal: generate a page on design.xwiki.org
  • Fix "Allow to use LibreOffice with several threads" - Simon
  • Activity Pub - Simon
  • Notifications: new scalable architecture investigation. Test more, run some experiments for scalability - Thomas


  • 12.1RC1: 17th 19th of Feb 2020
  • 12.1Final: 24th of Feb 2020

XWiki 12.0

  • Velocity Upgrade - Thomas (note: mostly done already)
  • Notifications: new scalable architecture investigation - Thomas
    • Goal: generate a page on design.xwiki.org
  • Size reduction of export with history - Thomas
  • Page name strategies - Simon
    • Possiblity to validate page names with default or custom strategies
    • Add the possibility to automatically generate slugs for page names
    • Prevent creation of pages with “”/"" and “”"" in the name by default
  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • Investigate and make a proposal for in-line editing - Marius
    • Goal: generate a page on design.xwiki.org
  • Emojis in Wysiwyg editor - Marius


  • 12.0RC1: 20th of Jan 2020 23th of Jan 2020
  • 12Final: 27th of Jan 2020 29th of Jan 2020
Created by Simon Urli on 2020/01/29

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