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24 24  * The user/group picker now takes into account [[the User Scope specified when you create a new wiki>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Application||anchor="HCreateanewwiki"]]. If the current wiki supports only global users then the user picker will suggest global users. If the current wiki supports both local and global users then the user picker has a toggle that lets you choose whether to get local or global suggestions.
25 25  * Increased the size of the security cache to improve performances from 500 entries to 10000 entries. This setting could still be overwritten in the infinispan configuration of the cache named ##platform.security.authorization.cache##. This new setting should be sufficient for most usages while the previous default were only valid for small single wiki.
26 26  * Improvement in the wiki descriptor pages. It is now consistent with our [[vertical forms standard>>platform:DevGuide.VerticalForms]].
27 +[[{{image reference="descriptor-improvement1.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:descriptor-improvement1.png]] [[{{image reference="descriptor-improvement2.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:descriptor-improvement2.png]]
28 +* When the user creates a new wiki, without a template, a message is displayed to explain him the Distribution Wizard will be started to initialize the new created wiki.
29 +[[{{image reference="create-a-wiki-dw.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:create-a-wiki-dw.png]]
27 27  
28 28  See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>http://jira.xwiki.org/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-printable/temp/SearchRequest.html?jqlQuery=project+in+%28XCOMMONS%2C+XRENDERING%2C+XWIKI%2C+XE%2C+XEM%29+and+status+%3D+Closed+and+resolution+%3D+Fixed+and+fixVersion+%3D+%22<version>%22&tempMax=1000]] fixed in this release.
29 29  

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